Belén Loez

An experienced designer with 50+ projects for top-tier brands and small companies alike.

Hi! I’m Belén from Seville (Spain) and I’m a passionate designer of websites, apps, and design systems with +10 years of experience.

I can describe myself as an innovative thinker and problem solver who is analytical and creative. I value hard work, accountability, and collaboration in the team.

I lead and oversee the user experience of a product from conception to launch in partnership with product managers, engineers, UX researchers, and content strategists. As a designer, I define, craft, and evolve designs within visual systems and standards. I love contributing to strategic decisions around the future direction of digital products.

Latest Experience

Co-Founder & UX Strategist

May 2019 – Present

Running my own digital product agency based in Seville (Spain)

Lead User Experience
Germany’s leading cashback rewards platform

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The New York Times, Google, NASA, Wired, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Nike.


Mâché Digital | Conte Magazine | Between 10&5
Inspofinds | Ballpit Magazine | Sense of Creativity
Mediteranea | QI Magazine | Generative art

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