· optimizing the user journey for an ecommerce ·

· overview ·

· problem ·

The ecommerce website’s checkout process is lengthy, resulting in high cart abandonment rates and reduced conversions. Users are getting frustrated with multiple steps and redundant information.

· goal ·

reduce cart abandonment

· approach ·

1 · research

  • Competitive analysis
  • Surveys

2 · design

  • Ideation
  • Wireframes
  • Interactive prototypes

3 · evaluate

  • Usability testing
  • Questionnaires

· research ·

· competitive analysis ·

Conducting a competitor analysis is crucial for understanding the current landscape of shapewear ecommerce and identifying areas of improvement.

By examining competitors, we can gain insights into industry best practices, potential pain points, and innovative solutions.

The analysis focused on two key competitors in the shapewear ecommerce industry. 

The investigation began with an examination of each competitor’s cart abandonment rates, shedding light on potential industry benchmarks. Competitor 1 displayed a moderate 25% abandonment rate, while Competitor 2 showcased a more favorable 15%, suggesting a more effective checkout process.

The checkout processes of both competitors were dissected, revealing valuable insights. Competitor 1 featured a five-step process, including guest checkout options, but faced challenges with unclear shipping cost communication. On the other hand, Competitor 2 streamlined its checkout to three steps, exhibited clear shipping cost communication, and excelled in mobile optimization.

Key findings indicated that a shorter checkout process, transparent communication of shipping costs, and robust mobile optimization correlated with lower cart abandonment rates.

Additionally, the presence of a guest checkout option proved influential.

· surveys ·

The SculptAura Shapewear Ecommerce Survey aimed to gain insights into feminine user preferences and behaviors related to online shapewear shopping.

The survey covered aspects such as demographics, shapewear usage, online shopping habits, cart abandonment, checkout preferences, and the mobile experience.

The survey was distributed to SculptAura’s potential and existing feminine customers, collecting responses from a diverse feminine demographic.

Participants were asked to share their frequency of shapewear purchases, motivations behind these purchases, online shopping habits, experiences with cart abandonment, preferences in the checkout process, and their views on the mobile shopping experience.


The majority of participants identified as feminine, with the largest portion falling within the 25-34 age range.

Shapewear Usage

A significant portion of feminine respondents cited body shaping and comfort as primary motivators for purchasing shapewear.

Online Shopping Habits

A majority of feminine participants shopped for shapewear online occasionally or frequently.

Product variety and user reviews were identified as key influencers in the decision-making process.

Cart Abandonment

A notable percentage of feminine participants admitted to abandoning their cart during shapewear shopping.

Reasons for abandonment included concerns about pricing, product reviews, and a lengthy checkout process.

Checkout Preferences

A streamlined checkout process was deemed important or very important by the majority of feminine respondents.

A considerable number expressed a preference for guest checkout options.

Mobile Experience

A significant percentage of feminine participants shopped for shapewear using mobile devices.

· design ·

· ideation ·

In light of the insights gleaned from the Sculptaura Shapewear Ecommerce Survey, I initiated a collaborative session with our engineers and fellow designer to brainstorm innovative solutions. The objective was to generate a diverse range of ideas without immediately delving into feasibility considerations.

During the session, I encouraged the team to leverage the research findings to inform their creativity. The emphasis was on quantity over feasibility at this early stage, fostering an environment where every conceivable solution was welcomed. This approach aimed to harness the collective expertise and perspectives of the team to uncover novel and potentially groundbreaking ideas for enhancing Sculptaura’s shapewear ecommerce platform.

By fostering an open and imaginative brainstorming session, we sought to uncover unconventional solutions that could address identified pain points, particularly those related to cart abandonment and the checkout process. This collaborative approach is a crucial step in our commitment to delivering an enhanced user experience and ensuring that our solutions are both user-centered and innovative. The next phases will involve refining these ideas, considering feasibility, and ultimately implementing strategic enhancements based on our collective insights and creativity.


· wireframes ·

Streamlined Checkout Process:

  • Implement a minimized-step checkout process to reduce user friction.
  • Use a progress bar to visually guide users through the steps.

· prototypes ·